Monday, February 7, 2011

November 2010 - Lezzet

Charlie's Choice

Special Guest - Jacky

Turkish Delight here I come, hide I love you. To be honest I had no idea what to expect, the only turkish food I had ever eaten was turkish bread, kebabs, and numerous Turkish Delights.

What a beautiful little place, tucked away in a strip of shops that probably wouldn't survive without Lezzet and Video Ezy. Dark wood interior, red mood lighting, comfy couches and a wait staff that know their Lezzet. We were seated right in the window, pays to book. Started our meal with a tasting plate, best way to make your way through entree, it was full of delightful surprises but would pass on the mushroom soup next time - something about drinking soup out of a shot glass that makes me gag!

Onto mains, god I love a place that allows us to share. Choosing a dish was hard, we finally decided on the famous 18 hour lamb, calamari, seafood claypot and traditional turkish lamb pizza. Personally I struggle with rich foods, I'm the diner that would choose thai over indian any day. These meals were different perfectly proportioned rich from light. But if I ever went again I would skip the pizza and calamari. The pizza base was dry, but who am I to judge I don't know what Turkish pizza is supposed to taste like.

Dessert, another tasting plate - lemon sorbet, chocolate baklava, Persian fairy floss, Turkish delight morsels and a mascarpone and berry mix. The icing on the cake for the whole meal was Hannah's choice - TURKISH DELIGHT SUNDAE, just go there and try it. I defiantly had food envy.

To yum things up: go with an empty stomach, order a lemon lime and bitters - AMAZING, don't be tempted by the bread brought out at entree you'll need the room, have entree main and dessert or good luck trying to pick a few dishes, perfect for a bit of romance

81 Brighton Road
Elwood VIC 3184
(03) 9531 7733

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Entree - Tasting Platter (fried cheese, mushroom soup, prawns wrapped in noodles, slow cooked lamb, mussels)

Main - Seafood Claypot

Main - Calamari

Main - Anatolian Lamb (18 hour - slow cooked)

Main - Lamb Pizza

Dessert - Turkish Delight Sundae

Dessert - Tasting Plate ( lemon sorbet, chocolate baklava, turkish delight tarts, watermelon jellies on Persian fairy floss, mascarpone and berry mix)

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  1. Mate, I like Lezzet too, but I disagree with your assertion that it's keeping that shopping strip afloat.

    I lived in the neighbourhood for four years and watched Lezzet expand from a narrow single storefront into the space it occupies now (it took over a failing Hahn's Chocolates nextdoor.) Lots of locals use the news agent, milk bar, post shop. Cafe Presse a few doors south of Lezzet is another fine restaurant run by a top bloke named Adam who knows his wine and Mod Oz food. That was our "local" when we were in Elwood, although we visited more for food than booze. If you're interested in a good feed, check Presse out.

    Anyway, just a quibble, but it's a vibrant enough commercial precinct, even without Lezzet. I was just happy we had two excellent restos within walking distance.